The home closing process is confusing. We're here to guide you.

What's involved in closing on your home?

During closing, the ownership of the property passes from seller to buyer. Endpoint handles two major parts of this process, title and escrow.


Title ensures you actually own your home

Title insurance protects you against covered title defects, like previous owner's debt, liens, and other claims to ownership that may have been instituted prior to your purchase.

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Escrow facilitates your sale or purchase

Once an offer on your home is accepted, your transaction is placed "in escrow". Escrow acts as a neutral third party to make the transaction safer by ensuring that all parties meet their obligations.

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Why Endpoint?

Endpoint will guide you step-by-step from the very beginning;
ensuring a worry free closing experience.

Know what's happening and what's coming next

With Endpoint you get transparency into the steps in the closing process, with real-time updates and notifications to ensure your transaction is always on track.

What's happening

Understand what you're signing and why

Always know what you're signing, what information we'll need, and why we're collecting it. Still have questions? Our team is here with the answers.

Convenience at every step

Printing, mailing and stacks of paperwork are a thing of the past. Our documents are digital and accessible throughout the transaction.


E-sign anywhere

Electronically sign eligible closing documents at the click of a button with Endpoint's secure and reliable e-signatures and digital documents.


Notaries come to you

On closing day, you'll still need to sign some documents in person. Our mobile notaries will come meet you at a time and place convenient for you.

Digital deposits

Digital deposits

Skip the lines at the bank. Earnest money funds can be transferred securely and directly in the application.

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