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Our Mission

Making the home closing process simple, fast and transparent

Why we started Endpoint

After the hard work that goes into buying or selling a home, closing should be a simple, easy to understand, celebratory experience – yet it is often a very frustrating one. While billions of dollars have been poured into improving how we list and search for a home, the closing process operates in the same way it has for decades: very little transparency for everyone involved, mountains of complex paperwork, and endless calls back and forth.

It's time to challenge the status quo – and that's why we founded Endpoint. We believe the combination of modern technology, a standardized and simplified closing process, and a highly dedicated team of people will completely change the industry – and deliver an experience that instills the joy of an effortless close for all.

Meet a few of our people

Our team brings together expertise in title, escrow, product, design, engineering, sales and marketing, all from industry leading companies and start-ups

Scott Martino

Scott is Endpoint's Chief Executive Officer. He has over 15 years experience in the title and settlement services industry working for First American, holding various senior leadership positions across operations, finance, and technology. Scott holds a bachelor degree in business administration from Chapman University and has a MBA from Pepperdine University. An avid soccer fan, he is still in disbelief that the US could not qualify for the World Cup.

Anne McCauley

As Chief Operating Officer, Anne brings almost 30 years of industry expertise to Endpoint Closing. She has an extensive background in settlement and title operations both nationally and globally. Her most recent role was as the COO of the Direct Division of First American where she successfully led operational initiatives involving technology, compliance, training, productivity and efficiency improvements. Anne graduated with a bachelor degree from Western Michigan University.

Garreth Long

Garreth leads sales at Endpoint. He was the CEO of a title and escrow company you likely have never heard of. Garreth is a self-proclaimed expert in residential, commercial underwriting and real estate law. As an attorney, he successfully defended developers, builders, brokerages, real estate agents and title and escrow companies in multiple lawsuits and claims. He likes: rugby, stale Doritos, and Big Macs! He dislikes: bios, papercuts and being tickled.

Paul Hurst

Marketing & Partnerships
Paul oversees Partnerships & Marketing at Endpoint. Previously, he was Director at BCG Digital Ventures and Principal at BCG; working across strategy, marketing, bus dev, finance, operations and management roles for early stage start-ups and large corporations. Paul holds a PhD in Neuroscience from Cambridge and studied Neuroeconomics at Harvard. Since crossing the pond 4 years ago, he spends most of his spare time trying to comprehend why football is called soccer here in the US.

Jon Ringer

Jon leads Product at Endpoint. He was previously a Product Director and founding team member at BCG Digital Ventures, where he focused on corporate venture incubation and product management – and before that, had stints at both SquareTrade and AKQA. Jon graduated from the University of Toledo with a Bachelor of Business Administration and has an MBA from the University of Southern California. He has many fascinations in life – the most recent of which is his dog Chuck, a spoiled English Bulldog that frequently "works" at the Endpoint HQ.

Mark Beeson

Mark heads the Engineering team at Endpoint. Prior to joining the Endpoint team, he was a venture CTO at BCG Digital Ventures and the Director of Web Services at Skechers USA, specializing in new technology, engineering management, and web user experience. Mark first discovered HTML in 1994 at the University of Arizona, and has been pushing the boundaries of the web ever since. His favorite ride at Disneyland is not Small World.

Conor Foley

Conor is a part of the product team at Endpoint. Previously, he was a Product Manager at BCG Digital Ventures and a Product Lead at Rule14. Conor graduated from Bucknell University with a double major in Economics and Political Science. Outside of work, you can find him scouring the California coast for waves.

Rhanhee Kim

As part of product design at Endpoint, Rhanhee brings 10+ years of experience working in Brand Identity Systems development and UX/UI design & research. Previously, she worked as Sr. Experience Designer at BCG Digital Ventures, helping to create forward thinking digital solutions and launching new businesses. She holds a BFA degree from Art Center College of Design where she graduated with Honors. In her free time she can be found taking her dog on mini road trips and running from bees.

Monica McCormick

Monica is a Sr. Closing Specialist, LPO at Endpoint. She has 12+ years experience in Title and Escrow having consistently been a Top 5 closer in WA. Her expertise covers residential, refinance, short sale, REO, 1031 exchange, and new construction development. She has first hand experience of HOA’s from sitting on her condo’s board for 4 years, 2 of which as President. In her spare time Monica can be found racking up perfect games at the bowling alley or tending to her flock of backyard chickens.

Donna Wildes

Donna is Director of Operations at Endpoint. She oversees the day to day settlement/closing and title insurance underwriting compliance. She has over 20 years of experience in diverse title insurance and closing/settlement business divisions including Residential Operations, Business Development, Sales and Customer Support. Donna has a proven track record in executing strategic initiatives focused in new product development, process improvement, quality and fraud prevention. She enjoys international travel, domino games and camping.

Kevin Tang

Kevin is a React Native Engineer. Prior to joining Endpoint, he worked for multiple digital agencies with a range of clients such as FX, ICO compliance officers, and more… specializing in React and React Native development. Kevin hosts several tech meetups in Los Angeles. When he is away from his keyboard, he is an avid music composer, runner, and scrabble enthusiast.

Tiffany May

Tiffany is Lead Engineer at Endpoint. Before joining the Endpoint team, Tiffany was Manager of Front End Development at Skechers, USA. Tiffany discovered her passion for web technologies while editing MySpace profiles in 2006. From there she worked heavily with front-end development, content management systems and e-commerce for a variety of globally recognized Universities and Retailers. In her free time Tiffany enjoys darts, billiards & hanging by the pool.

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