Mobile First Title and Escrow

Endpoint provides reliable and accurate closing, while keeping agents, buyers and sellers in the loop with our web, iOS, and Android apps

Desktop closing

Everything about your transactions in one place


Get it on desktop and mobile

View the status of your transaction anytime on your desktop or phone with our web, iOS and Android apps.


Track your progress

Know exactly when money moves, documents get signed, and key moments happen with real-time updates and notifications.


Security at the core

More secure than e-mail, we collect and deliver sensitive escrow information, documents and messages through our platform.

Closing made simple for you and your clients

More than just a product. We've taken a whole new approach to escrow. By streamlining document submission and asking for key information earlier, Endpoint eliminates delays at closing time.

See the Buyer and Seller experience

Desktop closing

No redundant paperwork

With smart forms and digital docs, no more filling out redundant paperwork or re-entering information.


Convenient signing

E-sign all eligible escrow documents. Where wet-signing is required, we'll send your buyers and sellers mobile notaries.

Wire Info

Secure funds transfer

Wire fraud is no longer a worry. Buyers can deposit earnest money digitally or access wire instructions directly on Endpoint.

Endpoint team

Our team is your team

Our highly experienced escrow team has closed thousands of homes over the past two decades. Know exactly who is working on your file at any time and reach out via secure, in-app message or phone.

One flat escrow rate. No junk fees

$800 / side
regardless of the price of your home
  • Recording services
  • Mobile notary
  • Document preparation
  • Wire services
Other escrow companies
~ $1,000 / side *
which increases with home price
Often doesn't include
  • Recording services
  • Mobile notary
  • Document preparation
  • Wire services
* average escrow fee for a $500,000 home

To see our title fees, view our pricing sheet.

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